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The dimension of expression is endless. Andrea Von Ramm


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William Blake Art

Man has no Body distinct from his Soul for that call’d Body is a portion of Soul discern’d by the five Senses, the chief inlets of Soul in this age.
— William Blake

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by Nikki Giovanni

in life
one is always
like we juggle our mothers
against our fathers
or one teacher
against another
(only to balance our grade average)
3 grains of salt
to one ounce truth
our sweet black essence
or the funky honkies down the street
and lately i’ve begun wondering
if you’re trying to tell me something
we used to talk all night
and do things alone together
and i’ve begun
(as a reaction to a feeling)
to balance
the pleasure of loneliness
against the pain
of loving you

by James Joyce

Because your voice was at
my side
    I gave him pain,
Because within my hand I held
    Your hand again.
There is no word nor any sign
    Can make amend —
He is a stranger to me now
    Who was my friend.

Time Lapse

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World Series

by Robert Caplin →

Night Rush Around the World

by HDtimelapse.net →

Astor Piazzolla

Astor Piazzolla has been called the single most important figure in the history of tango – a genius composer who took an earthy, sensual folk music and elevated it into a sophisticated form of high art. Piazzolla was also a virtuosic performer with a near-unparalleled mastery of the bandoneon, a large button accordion noted for its unwieldy size and difficult fingering system. His compositions, influenced by jazz and classical forms, brought him enormous international acclaim, particularly in Europe and Latin America. He remained tango’s foremost emissary to the world at large up until his death in 1992. In these two pieces, the great Yo-Yo-Ma plays cello.

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Aurora’s Dance

Prime-Number Musical Meter and Celestial Motion
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Life Forms

The Emotional Realms of Fibonacci’s Numbers

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Fibonacci Forms: Photos
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Astronomy Picture
of the Day

We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself. — Carl Sagan
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There are some laws that Congress can change. The laws of nature aren’t among them.
— Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse

Politics, News, Opinion
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Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former. — Albert Einstein

“I will promise you this, that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am President, it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home. We will bring an end to this war. You can take that to the bank.”
— Barack Obama, October 27, 2007

GOP Loath to Credit Obama for Kadafi’s End

As you might expect, Republicans aren’t exactly rushing to credit the Obama administration for first the downfall and now the death of Moammar Kadafi, even though the United States was part of the NATO force that backed the rebels who deposed the longtime Libyan leader. Sens. John McCain and Marco Rubio, who have favored strong U.S. intervention in the Libyan conflict, took it one step further Thursday, praising the efforts of Britain and France in bringing down Kadafi. That’s right. France. It wasn’t all that long ago that House Republicans were renaming their French fries.  Read more  →

A Tale Of Two Presidents
by Andrew Sullivan

A reader writes:

    Bush and Saddam – One Trillion dollars and thousands of US lives.
    Obama and Qaddafi – One Billion dollars and zero US lives.
    Meep Meep indeed.

And this time, the Arab world loves us as well. To rid the world of Osama bin Laden, Anwar al-Awlaki and Moammar Qaddafi within six months: if Obama were a Republican, he’d be on Mount Rushmore by now.  Source  →

Senate Republicans Block Dem Jobs Bill For Teachers, Firefighters

Senate Republicans, joined by three conservative members of the Democratic caucus, blocked a floor debate on a key portion of President Obama’s jobs bill, which would have provided states $35 billion to hire or retain teachers and emergency responders.  Read more  →

The GOP Kills Jobs
by Michael Tomasky

The Republican Party’s posture to the American people is this. Your opinion on issues like teachers and taxes doesn’t matter a whit to us. True, if you happened to agree with us, we’d use that to our advantage, but since you don’t, we really don’t care. What does matter though, as far as you people are concerned, is what you do next Election Day. If you put a Republican in the White House, we’ll grow up a little. If you give us the Senate, too, we’ll actually get to work (although God forbid on what). But if you keep that man in the White House, we will block everything he and you want. Everything. And nothing will happen in this town for those next four years. The Republicans can’t say any of this, of course, but they don’t have to. People get it. It just sort of seeps out of them, like oil from a polluted stream.

James Crow, Esquire

The GOP War on Voting
by Ari Berman, Rolling Stone

As the nation gears up for the 2012 presidential election, Republican officials have launched an unprecedented, centrally coordinated campaign to suppress the elements of the Democratic vote that elected Barack Obama in 2008. Just as Dixiecrats once used poll taxes and literacy tests to bar black Southerners from voting, a new crop of GOP governors and state legislators has passed a series of seemingly disconnected measures that could prevent millions of students, minorities, immigrants, ex-convicts and the elderly from casting ballots.

More information & Updates: James Crow, Esq: New Barriers to Voting  →


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